We want you to be happy with the stylish Kanken, Herschel and Timbuk2 bags

Your happiness while using the bags we’ve sold to You is our joy. We are offering fashion wear that we appreciate for its practicality, design and high quality. These aspects are key elements in all products that we sell.

We are offering bags that we like to use ourselves, everyday and everywhere. Our experience have led us to offer You the, to us, best bags reaching from just grab and go bags for everyday life, fill up backpacks for school/uni or sports to carry 50 kg backpacks while skiing in sub Artic mountains, under the Nordic light.

The bags that You can find at Pilipili are from known Brands such as Fjallraven, Herschel and Timbuk2 but they are not offered just because of their Brands but since they are the most practical and durable wearable in its category on the market. In essence, best in class.

For example, we like:

  • Fjällräven’s Kånken for its day to day practical use mixed with its unique design.
  • Herschel for its timeless silhouettes that evokes a bit of nostalgia, yet offers modern functionality for the city walker or globetrotter.
  • Timbuk2 for how it let the owners to be part of young emerging urban nomads, moving fluidly through the chaos of the city, on a motorbike, bike or while walking.

We are passionate about our Bags, to be Yours! We hope You will be too